• 1The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes&His Last Bow , Conan Doyle Arthur (2013)
    This volume completes the canon of the illustrated Sherlock Holmes stories, reprinted from "The Strand Magazine" . It contains" The Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes", "The Valley of Fear", "His Last… 222 руб

  • 2La casa de Bernarda Alba (+ Audio CD) , Federico Garcia Lorca (2008)
    A silent, dark house. Suffocating heat, church bells which ring to toll for the dead and terrible secrets. A closed space, rigorously guarded by Bernarda Alba, which is home to her five daughters… 838 руб

  • 3IB English B: For the IB Diploma , Aldin Kawther Saa'D (2012)
    Incorporating a wide range of texts from all over the world, this text covers all the main core topics plus the options to fully address the requirements for English B at both Standard and Higher… 4151 руб

  • 4Audacity Personified: The Generalship of Robert E. Lee (2004)
    Book DescriptionDespite the literary outpouring on the life of Robert E. Lee, the southern chieftain remains an enigma. The existing scholarship is so voluminous, complex, and contradictory that it… 1027.2 руб

  • 5Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Dahl Roald (2014)
    Penguin Kids are available in 6 levels (Pre-A1/Starter to A1++/High Beginner). The series has a rigorously applied system of grammar, vocabulary and structures. All titles are written to level and to… 450 руб

  • 6Perfect Too: 92 More Essential Recipes for Every Cook's Repertoire , Felicity Cloake (2014)
    "The nation's taster-in-chief title belongs unequivocally to Felicity Cloake" . (Daily Mail). The follow up to Perfect: 92 more invaluable recipes and tips from Felicity Cloake. Having rigorously… 739.5 руб

  • 7Alfred Hitchcock , Peter Ackroyd (2015)
    Alfred Hitchcock was a strange child. Fat, lonely, burning with fear and ambition, his childhood was an isolated one, scented with fish from his father's shop. Afraid to leave his bedroom, he would… 1809 руб

  • 8Turner , Bockemuhl Michael (2015)
    As a blind person might see the world if the gift of sight were suddenly returned - this is how we might describe the effect of William Turner's paintings on the observer. John Ruskin, Turner's… 1028 руб

  • 9Whisky Classified: Choosing Single Malts by Flavour , Дэвид Вишарт (2012)
    От издателя:Cutting through the confusing jargon often used to describe single malts, this book, now fully updated, replaces it with an objective and easily applied guide to taste using a… 1082 грн (только Украина)

  • 10British Civilization , Джон Оакланд (2006)
    От издателя:The sixth edition of this highly praised textbook has been rigorously updated and revised. "British Civilization" provides a comprehensive introduction to a wide range of… 532 грн (только Украина)